Elegant Bee

At the Elegant Bee, we believe that your wedding should be something stunning, extraordinary, and extravagant; it is after all, the day you've dreamed of. It is your wedding day. There is therefore, no room in this very celebratory experience for the ordinary. So put on your dress, bring in the cake, lift up your glass, strike up the band, and let your flowers write your love's true expression across the tapestry of your day. 

Since your wedding is an intimate gathering of your family and friends, we consider it an honor to play a part in the design of your very special day. At the Elegant Bee we honor marriage and therefore we celebrate your wedding. 

Love, and your promise and commitment to one another are worthy of a grand celebration. And that you would consider us worthy of your trust and your dreams for this most extradorinaiy of all days is humbling, a charge we do not take lightly. We understand the magnitude of this responsibility; we want you to know that serving you through floral design is our bliss. 

Since your ceremony and the sanctity of your commitment to one another is the focal point of your day, your surroundings should reflect the grandeur of the moment. However, it is often an intimidating/daunting task for couples to articulate their specific ideas into a clear and cohesive design. 

Our design team takes the time to get to know you, our bride and groom, in order to develop a real sense of your personality as a couple. We listen so that we have a clear understanding of the vision that you have for your wedding day. In doing this that we come to understand who you are: your personality, your passions, your dreams, and your style. In so doing, our expertise and experience add value to the relationship and give life to your ideas bringing your dreams into a brilliant reality.